Package org.knowceans.dirichlet.sandbox

Class Summary
ActorMediaGenerator ActorMediaGenerator models the access behaviour of a community of people for a given corpus and its topic model.
InvGammaArms InvGammaArms implements the inverse of a vague Ga(1,1) as described as the hyperparameter distribution of component mixing proportions for the infinite GMM by Rasmussen (2000).
LdaGibbsSamplerDpa Deprecated. use LdaGibbsSamplerCps, this class only for backward compatibility and testing.
LdaGibbsSamplerHyper Gibbs sampler for estimating the best assignments of topics for words and documents in a corpus.
LdaMarkovStateHyper LdaMarkovStateHyperCps is a markov state that supports training of hyperparameters, both for vectorial and symmetric priors.
StickBreakingProcess StickBreakingProcess implements Sethurahman's stick breaking process (SBP), which can be described as follows: A stick of length b is broken into two parts whose lengths are distributed according to a beta distribution b'_k ~ Beta(1, gamma) with a concentration parameter gamma.