Package org.knowceans.dirichlet.lda

Class Summary
ExtLdaConfiguration ExtLdaConfiguration extends the standard lda configuration by output parameters.
LdaConfiguration LdaConfiguration handles the configuration of an lda gibbs sampler.
LdaGibbsQuerySampler LdaGibbsQuerySampler allows sampling from known markov states, i.e., the model of a corpus, which can be used to predict the topics of query documents.
LdaGibbsSampler Gibbs sampler for estimating the best assignments of topics for words and documents in a corpus.
LdaMarkovState LdaMarkovState represents the state of the gibbs sampler of the lda process used for estimating unknown documents (word vectors).
LdaQueryClient LdaQueryClient is the central class for querying lda parameter sets.
LdaTopicSimilarities FmLdaSimilarities calculates similarities between term and documents, both known and unknown.