Class LocalSamplers

  extended by org.knowceans.util.Samplers
      extended by org.knowceans.corpus.util.LocalSamplers

public class LocalSamplers
extends org.knowceans.util.Samplers

Diverse sampling methods, including beta, gamma, multinomial, and Dirichlet distributions as well as Dirichlet processes, using Sethurahman's stick-breaking construction and Chinese restaurant process. The random generator used is a Mersenne Twister (Cokus), which is the only dependency.

FIXME: markov condition in random generator, see random string?

NOTE: this class is the extends that in org.knowceans.util.Samplers by some code still commented out.

heinrich (partly adapted from Yee Whye Teh's npbayes Matlab / C code)

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public LocalSamplers()